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3D Modeling

The UCSIM | Center for Simulations & Virtual Environments Research can create 3D models of any objects, real or imagined, for use in computer simulations, virtual and augmented reality applications, and “serious games”, or for rapid prototyping, 3D printing, and idea generation.

3D Modeling

Work with professional artists to develop 3D models of any objects, real or imagined, for use in computer simulations, virtual and augmented reality applications, 3D printing, and “serious games”.

3D Printing for Researchers

Print 3D models in a rainbow of colors for research or rapid prototyping. Student projects must be approved by a faculty or staff advisor. 3D printing is available for research purposes only.


A & S IT Services

We strive to serve all A&S users by providing their technical assistance needs in a timely and professional manner while educating the staff and faculty on methods to keep their computer and data safe and secure, and by providing computer lab users an organized and quality learning environment.

Accessibility Network

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) Services

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is a service that distributes calls reaching a single/main number to multiple staff when the volume is too large to be effectively handled by one person.

Active Learning Platform and Lecture Capture (Echo360 ALP)

Echo360 is the university's enterprise tool for lecture capture. It allows instructors to create and upload content – before or during class – and students to access it anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Add Glossary Entry

This glossary is a list of commonly confused acronyms, phrases, terms and words that transcriptionists may reference while captioning.

Add or modify user

Request that a new user be added or a user be modified

Add/Remove User from Subaccount

Use this form to add or remove a user from your college's sub account. Each sub account must have at least one technical contact and one billing contact.

Adobe Shared User Licensing Help Form

Advising and Academic Services

Our Mission: To facilitate and promote high-quality advising across UC academic advising units through coordination, academic services, technology, professional development, and leadership support.

Animation & Motion Capture

Animations bring a virtual scene to life. Capture specialized motions for characters, avatars, or scene objects for use in computer simulations, virtual and augmented reality applications, and “serious games”.

Animation & Motion Capture Service

Animations bring a virtual scene to life. Capture specialized motions for characters, avatars, and gesture controlled computing.

Application Services

Website Hosting
Our services can take the pain out of your web hosting needs and reduce your total cost of website ownership, saving you money on equipment, monitoring tools, upgrades, security, maintenance, and support, as well as staffing and training. Your development teams can easily and securely access websites on our server for updates by FTP (file transfer protocol), or FTPS (FTP over SSL). And we’ll provide website usage analysis and log file processing at no extra cost.

Web Server Hosting
Let us host your Web server in our state-of-the-art data center, boasting a secure, scalable, load balanced, high availability environment with 24/7 monitoring, and daily backups. If you prefer to own your Web server hardware, but still want to reduce server costs, why not migrate your server to a safe and secure location with 24/7 monitoring by experienced professionals."

Applications and Software Development

IT@UC provides web-based, mobile and client-server application development services for colleges, departments and organizations at UC. We produce a range of applications and software including support of full systems development using industry proven standards.

Arts and Sciences Advising

The A&S college advisors will help you with planning your college core requirements for graduation and progress toward your degree. (Faculty and departmental advisors in each academic department advise students on major requirements only.)

Augmented Reality Application Development

Augmented reality (AR) is a view of the physical world in which elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. UCSIM develops Augmented Reality applications for Google Glass, HoloLens, and mobile devices.

Augmented Reality Application Development Service

Develop Augmented Reality (AR) applications that project virtual data, graphics, and experiences over your view of the physical world.

Avatar & Character Design

Create customized avatars and virtual characters for simulations and immersive applications, including 2D and 3D non-human characters and human avatars, skin, hair, clothing, and accessories. We design virtual characters that meet your specifications and aesthetic preferences, including the degree of realism desired.

Avatar & Character Design Service

Create customized 2D and 3D avatars and virtual characters for simulations and immersive applications.


Blackboard Learn

Blackboard is the University's primary learning management system. Blackboard is a part of the University's Canopy eLearning ecosystem.

Blackboard Learn - New Building Block, Module, LTI or Partner Cloud Integration

Use this form to request a Blackboard module or the addition of a new Building Block, LTI or Partner Cloud integration. Please be sure to review the KB articles (linked below) that outline the requirements for requesting Modules or Integrations to insure that you are providing all the necessary information. All integration requests are evaluated by the LMS governance committee.



Blackboard Student Services -BbSS

Bomgar Access Request

Bulk Mailing (Email)

IT@UC offers Students, Staff and Faculty an easy, secure and effective means of delivering mass communications to the University community through bulk mailing services.

Business Application Support Services

Business Application Support Services provides support for our Administration and Finance Applications, ensuring that they remain in good working order.


Campus Telephone Service

A variety of phone services such ask desk phones, analog lines for conference phones or fax machines, and voicemail can be requested through IT@UC's ordering system GetIT

Canopy eLearning Analytics

In partnership with key faculty and organizations, the eLearning Analytics Team systematically collects and analyzes relevant eLearning data in an effort to improve the quality of education, while ensuring the proper stewardship of the data within their care.

Canopy Learning Management Ecosystem

The Canopy Learning Management System Ecosystem supports eLearning at the University of Cincinnati. Canopy covers a Learning Management System (Blackboard), a video management system (Kaltura), and video-conferencing (Microsoft Lync and/or Callaborate). UCIT supports these products for the University.

Catalyst Reporting Tool (CaRT)

CaRT is a common reporting infrastructure that allows UC business users to analyze, visualize and act on Catalyst data.

Catalyst SIS Project Change Request

Catalyst Student Information System

The University of Cincinnati Student Services encompass a wide array of functions that enhance the student, faculty and advising experience, as well as providing the ability to register for classes and to know where students are financially in relation to tuition, aid, fees, room and board.

CCM Technology Services

The CCM Computer Technology Department maintains and troubleshoots more than 400 computers, installs and updates UC supported software , and installs and supports new computer equipment.

CEAS IT Support

The Office of College Computing (OCC) provides various IT services to the College of Engineering and Applied Science. The scope of service spans numerous functions and technologies. Varying levels of support are provided depending on the needs of our customer base

Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning (CET&L)

Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning (CET&L) provides workshops and training for faculty, students and staff.

Centric Consulting, LLC

Centric is a business management and technology consulting firm committed to delivering high-value and high quality solutions. We create unmatched client and employee experiences with innovative solutions for our clients’ critical challenges and by creating a rewarding and enjoyable work environment for our people.

Classroom Lab Administration Service

Classroom Lab Administration is a service in support of faculty needing software for their class. If you require any software for your class, please make a request so ECSS can review your requirements prior to the start of the quarter in which you will be using it.

Note: In order to install software, a licensed copy of the installation media must be provided to ECSS staff, unless the software title is open or free. ECSS cannot purchase software titles not listed in the current configuration list. Installing software which other departments hold valid licenses for must be coordinated with that department's technology advisor. ECSS staff has the right to deny installation of any software title if it is determined that installing said software will violate any licensing restrictions or adversely affect the operation of the system.

Cloud Storage Services

Cloud storage is a service model in which data is maintained, managed, backed up remotely and made available to users over a network.

College of Allied Health Sciences Center for Educational Technology & Instructional Support (CETIS)

The Center for Educational Technology and Instructional Support provides service in three major areas: Technology, Instructional Design, and Marketing. The team consists of IT technicians, Instructional Designers, Course Builders, Multi-Media Specialists, and Marketing professionals. Our goal is to work with faculty, staff, and students to help further the mission of the college

College of Allied Health Sciences Printing

Assistance with printing in CAHS offices and computer labs

College of Applied Science Software

Software available to Faculty, Staff and Students of the College of Engineering & Applied Science

College of Business Printing & Mobile Printing

Color, black & white and duplex printing are available in all Carl H. Lindner College of Business (LCB) computer labs. - See more at:

College of Business Software Acquisition

Software available thru the College of Business

College of Engineering & Applied Science Printing

CEAS Lab Printing is available for College of Engineering & Applied Science Students, Staff and Faculty.

College of Law Computing

Information Technology information for College of Law

College of Law Faculty and Staff Resources

College of Law Faculty and Staff Resources

College of Law Printing

College of Law printing is available for Students, staff and faculty.

College of Medicine IT (CoM IT)

Please contact the IT@UC Service Desk at 513-556-4357.

College of Nursing Center for Academic Technologies & Educational Resources (CATER)

CATER is a diverse information technology group providing direction, support, training, and development services designed to enhance the nursing education, research and service provided by UC College of Nursing. We work collaboratively with College of Nursing instructional designers, faculty instructors and researchers, and students to provide a technology environment that enhances education.

College of Nursing Technology Resources

Software resources specific to the College of Nursing

College of Pharmacy IT Services

College of Pharmacy computer support for Students, Staff and Faculty.

College of Pharmacy Printing

College of Pharmacy Printing for Students, Staff and Faculty

Communications and Collaboration - UC Digital Signage

Digital signage is a sub segment of signage. Digital signages use technologies such as LCD, LED and Projection to display content such as digital images, video, streaming media, and information.

Communiversity Incident Form

Computational Research Services

Consulting services and analysis of computational needs for researchers, including participation on research grants proposals. Research study design and protocol preparation for research involving simulations or virtual environments.

Computer Lab Administration Service

Computer Lab Administration is a service to add or upgrade software in an academic computer lab.

Conference Calling Services

IT@UCTelecommunications offers three audio conference calling services.

Conference Calling Services

IT@UC Telecommunications offers three audio conference calling services that allow you to bring everyone together without travel expenses or wasted travel time, depending on your needs.

Conference Room/Resource Scheduling Mailbox Request

IT@UC can create email accounts that allow you to use an Exchange calendar for scheduling Conference rooms and Resources (projectors, computers, etc.). Calendars can be open access (allowing any UC staff or faculty member to submit a request to schedule the room/resources), or limited access (allowing only specific users/groups to submit a request to schedule the room/resources). For questions, please contact the IT@UCService Desk at (513)556-4357.

Continuing Education and Online Training

Online training delivered anywhere, any-time.

Continuous Service Improvement

The goal of IT@UC Service Excellence Program is improving quality IT services that advance the university’s capability of creating opportunity, becoming the first choice destination for students, patients, faculty and staff through information technology.

Course Evaluation - Change Department Administrators

List all individuals that should have access to your evaluation reports. If a name does not appear on the submitted list, they will be removed from the system.

Course Evaluation - Other Requests

Course or Faculty Evaluation Service general request.

Course or Faculty Evaluation Special Report

A request for a special report for course or faculty evaluations.


DAAP Technology & Facilities

DAAP IT provides technical support to DAAP Students, Faculty, Staff and Affiliates.

Database Request

Database Request

Digital + Social

This form will allow you to request training, access and support for sites hosted in the University of Cincinnati’s content management system, AEM. It will also allow you to request access and support for Google Analytics and search and get assistance in setting up campaign landing pages and urls. Please be as detailed as possible in your request and provide documents, screenshots and links when appropriate. We look forward to assisting you!

Digital Imaging

Enrollment Management Document Imaging System (OnBase)


EAS Directory Services

EAS Identity Management

An Identity recognition system has been in place since the late 90’s and was tasked with pulling together useful information from many disparate systems and resolving conflicting redundant information, and making this consolidated information available to any investors in the data.  Initially designed to share information between e-mail systems and (phone) Directory Services, its value was quickly recognized and utilized by many entities around the University.  In 2006 the current Identity Management System came online allowing real time generation of new employee, student, and affiliate identities.

EAS Integration Services

eCurriculum 2.0 Link is Broken
the link to 2.0 is broken.

eLearning Analytics Request

eLearning Analytics Service general request.

eLearning Analytics Request

eLearning Tech Team Services Request Form

The Center for Excellence in eLearning is a new group dedicated to establishing and promoting an eLearning environment that facilities the success of faculty, staff, and students.
Consulting Services: Accessibility, Echo 360, eLearning Backpack, and other proposed eLearning projects

Electronic Classroom Support Services

ECSS provides technology support for computer and technology
located in centrally managed classrooms throughout the University.

End Point Management

End Point Management provides support and management of computing devices ranging from traditional desktops to virtual terminals.

Enterprise Backup Service

UCIT provides the University of Cincinnati with state of the art backup services which are comprised of the following components: IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) running on an AIX P750 system backing up 4-6 TB nightly, EMC Data Domain DD990 Data Deduplication Storage System with an approximate capacity of 800TB compressed, STK SL8500 Automatic Tape Library with a capacity of 2500 Tape cartridges. UCIT currently houses over 700TB of data for the University of Cincinnati.

Enterprise Storage Service

UCIT provides the University of Cincinnati with state of the art Storage services which are comprised of the following components: Dual redundant SAN fabrics each containing Brocade director class fiber switches. EMC Symmetrix VMAX Storage Array providing~163TB of usable space. EMC NS-480\Celerra Storage Array providing 150TB of usable space. Celerra supports CIFS, NFS and iSCSI protocols. Data Domain DD990 Deduplication Storage System capable of holding approximately 800TB of data and providing multiple Virtual Tape Libraries, CIFS and NFS shares.


Electronic Textbooks

Exchange - Email Alias Request

An email alias is a generic email pointer to your ucmail exchange email account. An alias can only point to one account. Students are not eligible for an email alias. Email alias requests will typically be processed within 48 working hours upon submission. For questions, please contact the IT@UCService Desk at (513)556-4357

Exchange - Email Distribution List Request

Distribution groups allow users to send messages to members defined within the group.  The manager of the group will be responsible for adding/removing members.  A distribution group name must be a minimum of 9 to 15 characters and must not contain spaces or special characters.  The distribution group display name must not be more than 255 characters. Any additional aliases for a distribution group can be included in the comment section.

Distribution group requests will typically be processed within 48 working hours upon submission. For questions, please contact the IT@UCService Desk at (513)556-4357

Exchange - Faculty & Staff Email (UCMail)

Staff and Faculty have access to Microsoft Exchange, which provides advanced email, calendaring, and task management tools on desktop and mobile devices.


Faculty Services

Services for Faculty at the University of Cincinnati.

File and Print Sharing Service

UCIT’s File and Print Sharing Service provides access to data files over the network from on campus or via VPN to home directories (P: drive) and departmental shares (S: drive). The Central File Service is supported by an EMC Celerra NS-480 Enterprise-class Unified Storage System with full support for Microsoft Windows File Sharing (CIFS) allowing Windows clients to share files. Departments receive 150 MB of quota space per user account allocated for home directories and departmental share. Additional storage space can be requested at a cost of $0.23 GB per month.


Game Design

Re-imagine the student experience or perform novel research with "serious games" and gamification - powerful tools for use in the classroom. Learning simulations and educational game modules can add an experiential learning component to your curriculum. UCSIM also offers virtual classroom and conference room settings for distance learning, remote collaboration, and group work.

Game Design & Development Service

Re-imagine the student experience or perform novel research with "serious games" and gamification - powerful tools for use in the classroom or research lab.

Gesture Interface Design

Use your hands, face, or body to create “gestures” that a computer recognizes as a command to interact with virtual environments, simulations, and games more naturally. UCSIM can integrate motion capture systems with our simulations and virtual environments, or develop gesture-based controls for consumer grade motion capture hardware like the Leap Motion or Microsoft Kinect.

Gesture Interface Design Service

Use your hands, face, or body movements to interact with virtual and augmented reality applications, simulations, and games more naturally.

GetIT Approver Access Request / Approver Access Removal

Request for approval privileges for the GetIT online ordering system.

Graduate School Admissions and ETD Technical Help (Faculty and Staff)

Technical support for graduate faculty and staff with questions or issues the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Checklist and Admissions (Slate) Application

Graduate School Admissions Applicant Support

Technical support for applicant applying to a University of Cincinnati Graduate Program (not including JD, MD, or PharmD)

Graduate School and Provost Internal IT Support

Technical support for the Graduate School, Provost's Office, Institutional Research, UC International, Honors, Institute for Policy Research, Nationally Competitive Awards, Learning Commons, CET&L, ROTC, and UC Undergraduate Research

Graduate School ETD Support (Students)

Technical support for graduate students with questions or issues concerning the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Checklist

Graduate School Program Action Request Form

Grant Proposal Partnership

Partner with researchers on grant proposal in support of increasing research portfolio at UC


Hoxworth Layton Service Desk

The Layton Service Desk provides Hoxworth staff with desktop support and all other hardware and software needs.

Hoxworth Printing

Hoxworth Staff Printing Services


Instant Messaging and Video Chat

Instant Messaging and Video Chat service for students, faculty, and staff at UC.

Instructional Design

The Center for Excellence in eLearning (CEEL) provides workshops and consultation days for the use of eLearning technology.

IT Council Advisory Committee Project Request

The IT Council Advisory Committee Project Request will need to include a business justification of how this initiative will support the strategic goals and mission of the university e.g. support of the Third Century. The information requested and gathered in the request form is reviewed and evaluated by the committee. A member of the UCIT Project Management Office will be in contact with the requestor to gather any missing information or to request clarification of provided documentation before the request is referred to the appropriate topical subcommittee for evaluation.

IT Governance Submission

IT@UC App Lab on Main

UC is the first university in the region to provide a physical location on campus that is dedicated to mobile application development. The App Lab on MainStreet offers UC developers the opportunity to collaborate with students, faculty, staff and alumni on the creation of mobile applications. IT@UC provides resources—experienced staff, tool sets, a code library and more—to help members of the UC community bring their app ideas to life.

IT@UC Architecture Review Request

The ARTF performs reviews and provides feedback on conformance with defined standards and practices. If applications and infrastructure are non-conforming the Task Force will assess whether the objectives of the standards and practices are otherwise met. If the applications and infrastructure does not meet the objectives the project representative will be asked to meet the objectives and provide methods to do so by the Task Force.

*NOTE: A completed questionnaire must be included with the submission of the service request.

IT@UC Computer Labs

UCIT provides students with access to computers and
software to support their education and research efforts.
There are 159 Apple iMac computers spread across
three locations on Main Campus.

IT@UC Enterprise Shared Services - Custom IT Solution Request

Working on a complex project and not sure what to request? IT@UC can help you design a custom server, storage, hosting or application support package to suit your unique needs.

IT@UC Knowledge Base Article Add/Update Request

The IT@UC Knowledge Base is a 24/7 self-help environment containing how to guides, FAQs, installation instructions, and other information to assist you with technology at the University of Cincinnati.

IT@UC Learning Technology Support (LTS)

LTS provides technical support, performs LMS service request and “how-to’ consultative services for Canopy, UC’s eLearning ecosystem.

IT@UC Service Desk

The IT@UC Service Desk provides help and support for computing, phone communications, and networking for UC students, faculty and staff.

IT@UC Strategic Sourcing

UCit’s Strategic Sourcing Manager negotiates favorable terms, conditions and price in contracts, including this for renewing software licenses that are made available to students, faculty and staff for use in instruction and business functions.


Larger Project Request

These are projects that are new applications or systems, cross platform or system projects, or new development requests.


A Learning Management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of electronic educational technology (also called e-learning) courses or training programs.

Lecture Capture and Video Streaming (Kaltura)

Kaltura is UC's enterprise media streaming and video repository tool. It is available within Blackboard and as a stand-alone software option.

Lindner Office of Information Technology & Instructional Design

Lindner College of Business Information Technology (LCB IT) offer a broad array of services. - See more at:

Long Distance

Long Distance Calling to UC faculty and staff who need to place long distance business calls from the UC campus or when traveling on University business.


Managed Storage Services

IT@UC provides enterprise-class storage services that can scale to meet any of your data storage needs, from simple departmental file sharing to multi-terabyte research data stores.

McMicken College of Arts & Sciences Printing

McMicken College of Arts & Sciences has printing available in the labs

McMicken College of Arts & Sciences Software Installation

McMicken College of Arts & Sciences Software Installation

Media Accessibility

Media Access refers to services that provide full and equal access to multimedia for people with disabilities, particularly those who are blind, vision impaired, Deaf, hearing impaired, or who have a cognitive condition. Media Access includes the provision of captioning, transcription, and audio descriptions.


New Business Development

Investigate new tools, services and resources to be offered to students, faculty and staff. Perform needs analysis, create business plans and work with departments to create operational support.

New Student Services

Services for new students at the University of Cincinnati.


Why walk? With the UC NightRide app a free nighttime ride is a tap away. Set your pickup and drop off location anywhere within a 1-mile radius of campus, tell us how many people are with you, and we'll pick you up. Stay safe, UC. Use NightRide!


Office 365 Email - Students & Alumni

Microsoft Office 365 (also known as UConnect) is the official student email platform.

Office 365 Team/Group Request

Users can request private and public Teams and Groups for use on Office 365.

Office of Innovative Technology and Learning Design CECH OITLD

CECH’s Office of Innovative Technology facilitates the use of cutting edge technology to help CECH faculty, staff, and students advance their work. Our office is dedicated to helping drive College operations as well as providing support for research, technical issues, opportunities, and advancements. From developing new technology-driven services to troubleshooting technical concerns, we look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Office of Research IT – Data Requests


Packaged Software Support

This service supports any third-party packaged software products.

Participate in the Virtual Lab Pilot

UCIT is committed to providing cutting-edge technologies and software to our student body. In conjunction with colleges around the university, we are supporting a pilot project to offer a new groundbreaking virtual computing lab environment for students and faculty.

Portal Incident Form

Portal Service Request Form

Project Management

The University of Cincinnati Project Management Office (PMO) assists in raising the efficiency, performance and effectiveness of project delivery within IT@UC.

Project Management

A project manager will be assigned to a project which meets the following established criteria:
1. More than one department is involved in the project.
2. Project has an extensive duration (definition)
3. Project has extensive risk to the university if it fails.
4. Project support has been requested by university leadership.

Public Incident Form


Quality Assurance Service

Security Scanning is critical to ensuring that your system and data are as protected as possible against malicious attacks. Please use this service to request a scan of your system(s).


Report a Delay

Use this form to request a bill credit from the vendor if "Professional" level captions take longer than 48 hours* to process.

Report a Problem

Use this form to request that the vendor reprocess a video due to a significant problem with the transcript (e.g., it is incomplete or synchronized with the wrong video) or if "Professional" level captions have fallen below the 99% accuracy threshold.

request access to IRC CE share for Daren Kummer

Please provide the same access as the CE team members for the shared drive used by the CE team.

Request Evaluation

Please complete the displayed form to request a survey to evaluate courses or faculty for the current term.

Courses for this survey should be listed in the provided CourseSubmissionTemplate.xls and uploaded at the end of the request form. If your courses have additional faculty please include the faculty UCID and their respective courses on the tab labeled Additional Instructors.

If you would like to update your question sets, please complete and attach the Change Evaluation Questions Form provided.

Request for Articulate Storyline 2 License

Request a license for Storyline 2

Request for Articulate Storyline 3 License

Request a license for Storyline 3

Research and Development Topical Committee Request

The R&D committee does. short descrip


ResNet offers IT support for students, faculty, and staff (for non-departmental devices).


Respondus Lockdown Browser can be used to restrict access to other programs on a student’s system while he or she is completing the exam. This helps to ensure that the only resources being used on the system are the ones that the faculty member has deemed necessary for completing the exam.

Respondus Monitor can be used in live proctoring situations to video-record a student who is taking an exam from a remote location.


Server Hosting and Administration

Our enterprise server infrastructure can provide both virtual and physical servers for your project or service.

Server Service

The UCIT server hosting strategy is to offer managed virtual servers instead of hosting or managing physical servers. Virtual server hosting allows a single physical server to be partitioned into multiple “virtual machine” (VM) servers, each with the appearance and capabilities of running as a physically dedicated machine. Each virtual server can run its own operating system (Windows or Linux), is assigned its own hostname and may be independently administered, configured and rebooted without impact on other virtual servers.

Service Catalog Update Request

Our Service Catalog is ever changing through governance and transition from various applications to a one stop "shopping" experience. This is a work in progress and will continue to improve and expand as services evolve and are added and removed.

Service Requests

These are recurring maintenance requests, annual changes or modificaions, or a fix to a current application.

Simulation Development

Researchers can design simulations for controlled experiments in virtual environments, while instructors use our state of the art simulation services to develop learning modules, process training, and game-based learning to teach the next generation of learners.

Simulation Development

Design simulations for controlled experiments and research in virtual environments, or develop learning modules, training, and game-based learning.

Smaller Maintenance Request

These are recurring maintenance requirements, annual changes or modifications, or a fix to a current process or system. Please select the “Request This” tab at the top of the page to begin entering a new request.

Staff Services

Services for staff members at the University of Cincinnati.


Student Printing Services

This service provides printing for students at various locations around campus, including computer labs, libraries, and other UC public locations.

The WEPA service was recommended by university-wide IT Governance, which includes students, faculty and staff, as a replacement for Uniprint.

Student Services

Services for students at the University of Cincinnati.

SuccessFactors Hiring and Recruitment

SuccessFactors is a Hiring and Recruiting tool that provides the ability to view applicant resumes, score interviews, and manage the hiring process. It also has the capability to do internal candidate searches.

System Maintenance, Configuration or Enhancements

Request Team Dynamix enhancements, configurations or maintenance.


Team Dynamix Training

Individual or Group Training

TeamDynamix Access Request

This services request is for IT Managers at the University of Cincinnati request access for technicians or student technicians using TeamDyanamix.

Telephone Directory Service

The University of Cincinnati Telephone Directory is a listing of Faculty, Staff and Department or College phone numbers, and building locations.

Telephone Operator Service

Our friendly University operators will assist callers in identifying their needs and routing their calls appropriately.

Television - Campus Cable

Cable in the dorms in managed by Campus Cable, the number can be acquired from the Service Desk until posted here.

Testing Services

Testing Services helps members of the University of Cincinnati and the Greater Cincinnati community reach educational and professional goals by providing secure and convenient testing services.

Training and Education

Research Tools and Processes Training and Education for Researchers


UC Academic Health Center Communications Services

Printing and Duplicating Services offers a full range of quality single, multi, and full color lithographic printing, black and white digital duplicating, digital output, all types of finishing and binding, bulk mail, and related services and products.

UC Blue Ash Printing

UC Blue Ash Pay to Print

UC Blue Ash Software Requests

UC Blue Ash Technical Support

The Information Technology office is located in Muntz 110 and is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday. Anyone seeking technical assistance may stop in, no appointment necessary. You may also e-mail your problems to create a support ticket in our work queue.

UC Broken Link Report

UC Clermont Printing

UC Clermont Printing is available for Students, Staff and Faculty

UC Clermont Technology Services

Clermont College continues to keep pace with the fast changing technology world in which we all live, work and learn. The Technology Services team works hard to deliver, facilitate and support efficient and innovative solutions for our campus partners.

UC Computer Request Form

UC Data Center

IT@UC stores and protects the university’s most important electronic information, so data security is a job we take seriously.

UC Digital Signage

Digital signage is a sub segment of signage. Digital signages use technologies such as LCD, LED and Projection to display content such as digital images, video, streaming media, and information.

UC East Printing

UC East Printing is available for Students, Staff & Faculty

UC Intranet (SharePoint)

SharePoint is a collection of Microsoft web-based tools and technologies that work together to enable teams to collaborate. You can use IT@UC’s SharePoint environment with a web browser, on and off campus.

UC Libraries

UC Libraries support the University of Cincinnati's undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs and includes the Walter C. Langsam Library, the Archives and Rare Books Library, the Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library and eight college and department libraries serving applied science, architecture, art, biology, chemistry, classics, design, education, engineering, geology, health sciences, mathematics, music, physics, and planning.

UC Libraries

UC Libraries provides technology related workshops and training for all faculty, students and staff.

UC Listserv

LISTSERV provides everything you need to manage all of your opt-in email lists, including email newsletters, announcements, discussion groups and email communities.

UC Web Apps


UCFilespace is a web hosting service for individual webpages and provides limited

UCFileSpace Drupal Website Service

UCFileSpace provides personal websites for you and your workgroup by request.

UCFileSpace FileShare/Storage Service

UCFileSpace provides online file storage for you and your workgroup, and shared file space for your department by request. UCFileSpace is available for all UC students, faculty, and staff and your account is created for you automatically.

UCFileSpace Wiki/Blogs Service

UCFileSpace provides wikis and blogs for you and your workgroup by request. UCFileSpace is available for all UC students, faculty, and staff and your account is created for you automatically.


UC Flex is a web-based portal that provides the capability to manage financial, cost accounting, and employee self service-related duties at the University of Cincinnati.

UCFlex Business Warehouse (BW) Reporting

BW provides a link from Labor History ledger records to Labor History detail connecting Payroll data to the new financial postings

UCIT Computer Labs

UCIT Computer Labs has printers available for student printing.

UCIT Information Security Disaster Recovery

Facilitate and provide leadership to the university wide disaster recovery program for critical academic, administrative, and information technology systems.

UCIT Labs Issue Report / Request Form

UCIT Software

UCIT negotiates with vendors to provide discounts on software for students, faculty and staff. View this page on a desktop computer to learn more about and download available software.

UCScienceNet (UCSN)

UCScienceNet (UCSN) is a physically-separated research-centered network, funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). It is capable of providing high speed data transfer between UC researchers and global research partners across Internet2 and other high speed research networks.

Uniprint Service

Uniprint is a service provided by the University to students for managed print services. By request, new Uniprint stations can be configured throughout campus by UCIT specialists.


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Service

A Virtual Desktop Environment that allows authorized users to access a virtualized Windows workstation.

Virtual Environment Development

Researchers can use virtual environments for controlled experiments or to simulate specific environmental conditions, while instructors use virtual environments to develop learning modules, process training, and game-based learning to teach the next generation of students.

Virtual Reality Application Development

Use virtual reality (VR) to solve urgent real-world problems in safe virtual spaces, re-imagine the university experience, or develop innovative data visualizations, training simulations, and user experiences. UCSIM develops VR applications for Google Cardboard, GearVR, OSVR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive.

Virtual Reality Application Development Service

Design virtual reality applications for teaching or research with Google Cardboard, GearVR, OSVR, Oculus Rift, or the HTC Vive.

Voice Mail

Allows callers to leave messages when you are unable to answer phone.

VPN - Virtual Private Network

The Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Network, commonly referred to as SSL VPN, allows authorized users access to private or restricted services on the UC network from off-campus locations.


Web Conferencing

Web-based conferencing services for Faculty, Students and Staff of the university.

Web Conferencing

Web-based conferencing services for Faculty, Students and Staff of the university.

Wired Network Access

Jacks (Voice & Data)
Install a voice or data jack to prepare a room for future telephone and data needs. A standard jack with two outlets, one voice and one data, can be installed but will not be activated with a telephone or network connection.

NOTE: If the exact configuration you require is not listed, please specify your requirements in the comments section and you will be contacted by a UCit representative. If you are tasked with coordinating a large installation or departmental move, please go to the Consulting/Training Category to schedule time with a UCit Customer Service Representative to discuss your service request

Wireless Access - Secure Wireless

A Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) uses radio waves transmitted from an Access Point (AP) (that is connected to a UC network port), rather than a cable infrastructure, to transmit data. Each AP provides an 54Mb connection that is shared with users connected to the AP. WLANs do not provide the same through-put as a wired 10/100M network connection, but are designed to complement the wired network. They are designed to provide network access to casual users not critical production systems. Wireless can be ordered via the GETit ordering page.