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Service Summary

Blackboard Learn is the university's course management system and the hub of activity within the Canopy eLearning Ecosystem. From its homepage, Blackboard provides easy access to tools like CourseEval, Box, WebEx, Office365 and CampusLink.

Once logged in, Blackboard Learn connects you to your courses: Stay in the loop with Announcements, track due dates with the active Calendar, check your grades, review instructor feedback and communicate directly with teachers and classmates or schedule an appointment to meet with your advisor. Find rich course content like syllabi, documents, lecture recordings, video clips and web links. Blackboard Learn even allows you to upload your assignments, complete a test, contribute to a blog, wiki or journal posting and participate in class discussion boards from a web browser or a compatible mobile device.

Features and Functions


  • Announcements: Professors and teachers may post announcements for students to read. These can be found under the announcement tab, or can be made to pop-up when a student accesses Blackboard.
  • Chat: This function allows those students who are online to chat in real time with other students in their class section.
  • Discussions: This feature allows students and professors to create a discussion thread and reply to ones already created.
  • Mail: Blackboard mail allows students and teachers to send mail to one another. This feature supports mass e-mailing to students in a course.
  • Video (announcements, feedback, provided by another service)


  • Course content: This feature allows teachers to post articles, assignments, videos etc.
  • Calendar: Teachers can use this function to post due dates for assignments and tests.
  • Learning modules: This feature is often used for strictly online classes. It allows professors to post different lessons for students to access.
  • Assessments: This tab allows teachers to post quizzes and exams and allows students to access them via the internet
  • Assignments: This features allows assignments to be posted and students to submit assignments online
  • Grade Book: Teachers and professors may post grades on Blackboard for students to view.
  • Media Library: Videos and other media may be posted under this function.

How to Request this Service

If you are a new or transfer student, your Blackboard account will be created once you have accepted admission to the University of Cincinnati. If you are a returning student who has not taken classes for a long period of time, then your account will be created 24 to 48 hours after you register for at least one course. After this time, you will then be able to log in to Blackboard using your Central Login Service username and password.

Faculty and Staff Blackboard account are created on the start date listed in UC Flex. To login to Blackboard, use your Central Login Service username and password.

Eligibility for this Service

Blackboard is available for use for eligible students, faculty and staff of the University.

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Technical Specifications

  • Supported browser with required plugins
  • Acceptable connectivity speed for online students

Full technical specifications are located here: