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These are recurring maintenance requests, annual changes or modificaions, or a fix to a current application.

Security Scanning is critical to ensuring that your system and data are as protected as possible against malicious attacks. Please use this service to request a scan of your system(s).

This services request is for IT Managers at the University of Cincinnati request access for technicians or student technicians using TeamDyanamix.

Blackboard is the University's primary learning management system. Blackboard is a part of the University's Canopy eLearning ecosystem.

Services for Faculty at the University of Cincinnati.

Services for staff members at the University of Cincinnati.

Services for students at the University of Cincinnati.

Request a license for Storyline 2

Use your hands, face, or body movements to interact with virtual and augmented reality applications, simulations, and games more naturally.

Cloud storage is a service model in which data is maintained, managed, backed up remotely and made available to users over a network.

The University of Cincinnati Student Services encompass a wide array of functions that enhance the student, faculty and advising experience, as well as providing the ability to register for classes and to know where students are financially in relation to tuition, aid, fees, room and board.

Please complete the displayed form to request a survey to evaluate courses or faculty for the current term.

Courses for this survey should be listed in the provided CourseSubmissionTemplate.xls and uploaded at the end of the request form. If your courses have additional faculty please include the faculty UCID and their respective courses on the tab labeled Additional Instructors.

If you would like to update your question sets, please complete and attach the Change Evaluation Questions Form provided.

A variety of phone services such ask desk phones, analog lines for conference phones or fax machines, and voicemail can be requested through IT@UC's ordering system GetIT

The Center for Excellence in eLearning is a new and unique team of instructional designers, creative professionals and technical staff who have expertise in partnering with faculty on course design and technology.

CaRT is a common reporting infrastructure that allows UC business users to analyze, visualize and act on Catalyst data.

The UCIT server hosting strategy is to offer managed virtual servers instead of hosting or managing physical servers. Virtual server hosting allows a single physical server to be partitioned into multiple “virtual machine” (VM) servers, each with the appearance and capabilities of running as a physically dedicated machine. Each virtual server can run its own operating system (Windows or Linux), is assigned its own hostname and may be independently administered, configured and rebooted without impact on other virtual servers.

The R&D committee does. short descrip

IT@UC Strategic Sourcing negotiates enterprise software licensing.

Animations bring a virtual scene to life. Capture specialized motions for characters, avatars, or scene objects for use in computer simulations, virtual and augmented reality applications, and “serious games”.

Our friendly University operators will assist callers in identifying their needs and routing their calls appropriately.