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Services for staff members at the University of Cincinnati.

Please complete the displayed form to request a survey to evaluate courses or faculty for the current term.

Courses for this survey should be listed in the provided CourseSubmissionTemplate.xls and uploaded at the end of the request form. If your courses have additional faculty please include the faculty UCID and their respective courses on the tab labeled Additional Instructors.

If you would like to update your question sets, please complete and attach the Change Evaluation Questions Form provided.

Services for students at the University of Cincinnati.

The IT@UC Service Desk provides help and support for computing, phone communications, and networking for UC students, faculty and staff.

Website Hosting
Our services can take the pain out of your web hosting needs and reduce your total cost of website ownership, saving you money on equipment, monitoring tools, upgrades, security, maintenance, and support, as well as staffing and training. Your development teams can easily and securely access websites on our server for updates by FTP (file transfer protocol), or FTPS (FTP over SSL). And we’ll provide website usage analysis and log file processing at no extra cost.

Web Server Hosting
Let us host your Web server in our state-of-the-art data center, boasting a secure, scalable, load balanced, high availability environment with 24/7 monitoring, and daily backups. If you prefer to own your Web server hardware, but still want to reduce server costs, why not migrate your server to a safe and secure location with 24/7 monitoring by experienced professionals."

Services for Faculty at the University of Cincinnati.

Database Request

The UCIT server hosting strategy is to offer managed virtual servers instead of hosting or managing physical servers. Virtual server hosting allows a single physical server to be partitioned into multiple “virtual machine” (VM) servers, each with the appearance and capabilities of running as a physically dedicated machine. Each virtual server can run its own operating system (Windows or Linux), is assigned its own hostname and may be independently administered, configured and rebooted without impact on other virtual servers.

This service supports any third-party packaged software products.

Course or Faculty Evaluation Service general request.

An Identity recognition system has been in place since the late 90’s and was tasked with pulling together useful information from many disparate systems and resolving conflicting redundant information, and making this consolidated information available to any investors in the data.  Initially designed to share information between e-mail systems and (phone) Directory Services, its value was quickly recognized and utilized by many entities around the University.  In 2006 the current Identity Management System came online allowing real time generation of new employee, student, and affiliate identities.

SharePoint is a collection of Microsoft web-based tools and technologies that work together to enable teams to collaborate. You can use IT@UC’s SharePoint environment with a web browser, on and off campus.

An email alias is a generic email pointer to your ucmail exchange email account. An alias can only point to one account. Students are not eligible for an email alias. Email alias requests will typically be processed within 48 working hours upon submission. For questions, please contact the IT@UCService Desk at (513)556-4357

IT@UC provides web-based, mobile and client-server application development services for colleges, departments and organizations at UC. We produce a range of applications and software including support of full systems development using industry proven standards.

Cloud storage is a service model in which data is maintained, managed, backed up remotely and made available to users over a network.

We strive to serve all A&S users by providing their technical assistance needs in a timely and professional manner while educating the staff and faculty on methods to keep their computer and data safe and secure, and by providing computer lab users an organized and quality learning environment.

A request for a special report for course or faculty evaluations.

A variety of phone services such ask desk phones, analog lines for conference phones or fax machines, and voicemail can be requested through IT@UC's ordering system GetIT

The CCM Computer Technology Department maintains and troubleshoots more than 400 computers, installs and updates UC supported software , and installs and supports new computer equipment.

eLearning Analytics Service general request.

EDS provides computing devices from traditional desktops to terminals.

IT@UC provides enterprise-class storage services that can scale to meet any of your data storage needs, from simple departmental file sharing to multi-terabyte research data stores.

Please contact the IT@UC Service Desk at 513-556-4357.

Blackboard is the University's primary learning management system. Blackboard is a part of the University's Canopy eLearning ecosystem.

Lindner College of Business Information Technology (LCB IT) offer a broad array of services. - See more at: