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Application Development, Partnerships and Innovation

Quality Assurance, Project Request, and Service Request...

UCIT provides Web-based, Mobile and Client-Server application development services for colleges, departments, and organizations at the University of Cincinnati. We produce a range of services to support full systems development using industry proven standards. We have accumulated many years of experience in meeting customer requirements, designing software, programming, software testing and database management. We have developed an open systems architecture that allows us to extend services to meet changing customer needs in a rich and dynamic environment.

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Enterprise Application Services

UCIT EAS provides support for off-the-shelf and custom-developed applications, as well as hosting services, identity management, systems integration, and database services.

Systems and Device Management

Enterprise Backup and Storage, File and Print Sharing, and Server...

UCIT provides the University of Cincinnati with state of the art backup services and storage services. The File and Print Sharing Service provides access to data files over the network from on campus or via VPN to home directories (P: drive) and departmental shares (S: drive). The UCIT server hosting service offers managed virtual servers instead of hosting or managing physical servers.


Course or Faculty Evaluation, Classroom Lab Administration, Computer Lab Administration, Virtual Lab Pilot...

The classrooms of today look very different than the classrooms of last year, last decade and last century. Much of that change can be credited to an evolution of technology; technology that is now shaping not only what we learn, but how we learn.

UCIT has a division dedicated to helping you create a contemporary learning experience utilizing the latest in technologies.

Portfolio and Project Management

The Portfolio and Project Management Office (PPMO) provides professional Project Management services to complex, high risk or high cost, enterprise IT@UC projects.

To learn more about the services the PPMO can offer please contact UCIT’s Portfolio and Project Management Office at 513-556-0874 or send an email to

Catalyst SIS Replacement Project

Catalyst SIS Project Change Request and Catalyst SIS Project Maintenance Request...

The Student Information System (SIS) serves as a backbone to the $1 billion a year academic operation here, at the University of Cincinnati. As the main tool responsible for supporting all student services, UC felt it was not only time to make a change to its homegrown system, but to replace the system entirely. This will be a multi-year project with the system becoming fully available in 2016. The name of the new system will be Catalyst.

Research and Development

Computational Research Services and New Business Development...

Tech. resources for researchers, including computing resources for grant applications..

Center for Simulations & Virtual Environments Research

The UCSIM | Center for Simulations & Virtual Environments Research develops world-class immersive technology applications for research, scientific collaboration, and higher education. We help researchers solve urgent real-world problems in safe virtual spaces, encourage faculty and administrators to re-imagine the university experience with virtual and augmented reality, and partner with industry to develop innovative data visualizations, training simulations, and user experiences. Our multidisciplinary approach combines subject matter expertise from the university’s scientific community with UCSIM’s technical expertise in augmented and virtual reality application development, computer simulations, 3D modeling, UX/UI, and instructional design to create applications that unleash the potential for scientific discovery, innovation, and creative play with immersive technologies.

Phone: (513) 556-8562

IT Council

University IT Initiative Request

Network and Telecommunications

IP Static Request...

UCIT Network and Telecommunication Services provides a number of services upon which the university and its users depend. The campus computer backbone network, UCNET, includes the wired and wireless network. Connectivity to the Internet, and Internet2 is provided through UCNET. Off-campus, remote users that require access into UCNET should connect to UCNET via SSL VPN.

Data Centers, Servers & Storage

Enterprise-level hardware, software, systems, and network infrastructure that provide
underlying support for institutional activities. Includes data centers, network backbone, wireless,
central storage and system backup solutions, server virtualization, and systems management
and operations.

Email and Collaboration

IT services that facilitate institutional communication and collaboration needs. Includes e-mail, calendaring, telephony/VoIP, video/web conferencing, unified communications, web content management system, web application development and hosting, and media development.

Administrative and Business

Enterprise and local services that support the administrative and business functions of an
institution. Includes analytics, business intelligence, reporting, finance, human resources,
student information systems, advancement, research administration, and conference and event

Learning Technology Services

Instructional technology, tools, and resources directly supporting teaching and learning.
Includes learning management systems, in-class and online course development, learning
analytics, course evaluation, lecture capture, webinars, and other academic tools for faculty
and students.

IT Professional Services

Services that are consultative in nature, in contrast to the other categories, which tend to be technology based; these may be a combination of customer-facing and non-customer-facing services. Includes IT training, consulting/advisory services, business continuity/disaster recovery, enterprise architecture, portfolio/project management, and ITSM.

IT Support Services

Services that enable community members to do their day-to-day work, including providing
access to enterprise services. Includes network access, user file storage, end-point computing
backup solutions, desktop virtualization, computer labs, and printing.


All services associated with telephony, including voice services, teleconferencing, etc.

Computer Labs, eClassrooms and Virtual Desktops

Electronic Classrooms are equipped with smart multimedia systems to aid
both teaching and learning. Faculty (JIT support) can schedule a one-on-one
session with our staff to get better acquainted with the use of technology in
the classroom. The Electronic Classroom Support Service Team also offers
consultation, installation and support services in the design and construction
of enhanced learning and meeting spaces.

Web Services

Services related to websites, including content management systems.

Research and Development

Unleashing the potential for scientific discovery, innovation, and creative play with immersive technologies.

Getting Started

Persona Based Service Curation and Public Forms